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The Age of Heroes ended nearly 500 years ago now. The Age of Mortals is now in full swing.

500 years ago, something changed. Not a simple thing, no, the change was on a grand level. Where once deities and sorcerers of unrivaled power shaped major events, they instead began to take less of an interest. Or so it seemed at first.

Eventually people began to realize that it wasn’t that heroes DIDN’T intervene or make themselves known, it was that they COULDN’T. Sources of power began to change, and people born with exceptional talent were born less and less. 300 years after the official end of the Age of Heroes, no more “heroes” were being born. The playing field had become a much more narrow place, allowing the world to take an entirely new shape.

Where once bands of adventurers and powerful wizards shaped the world, now science and technology are moving things along. Due to the weakened state of magic, great minds had to come up with other ways to supplement their power.

Yet some bastions of strength still remain. Those who are still alive from the Age of Heroes are living legends in their own rights. These “Ancients” are far above anyone born within the last 500 years, and having one of them as an ally is one of the most sought after things in Golarion.

Main Page

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