New World

17th Session

Murder on the Rockport Limited

After the party finished saving the colony, they got a heroes welcome

On the way back to town the book that allowed them to communicate with the Dark Blades agent gave one final message “You win” before crumbling to ash

The next day the body of one of the bar workers was found hung in her room

After coming back from their new base, the party identified the dead woman as the one who set them up to be ambushed months earlier

Upon inspecting the body the party discovered defensive wounds on her body

After that Thelonius hired the party to deal with an issue of his back in the old world

The party was teleported to Rockport in the old world to guard a package Thelonius had on the Rockport Limited

Aboard the train the party met Hudson the engineer, Jess the Beheader, Angus MacDonald Boy Detective, Grahm the Train guy, and Jenkins the attendant

During the voyage there was a murder, and the party worked with Angus to solve the mystery

Turns out Jenkins had killed Hudson and had done an elaborate ploy to rob the loot on the train

After foiling Jenkins’ plot, the party found Thelonius’ cargo, which turned out to be an unconscious woman in a coffin

The woman was covered in tattoos similar to Aevric’s

Once they arrived in Newport, the party handed things off to Angus and the authorities and went to Fantasy Costco

Heinrik made a trade with Garfield the Deals Warlock and traded his Locket of the Iron Solari signed in his blood for an Immovable Rod



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