New World

16th Session

In the Shadow of the Colossus

Party headed to the area that the Dark Blades had their hideout

The party storms in, manages to kill goblins and kobolds in carved out rooms in the hill

Sturm sees them and retreats further into the base

The party continues on, fighting multiple more enemies and dealing with strange landscapes

Halfway through the fight the room shifts and begins moving

Turns out they were inside a stone colossus that had been set to heading towards the colony

The party continues to fight, eventually climbing up the colossus and confronting Sturm for the last time

After finishing the fight the party found out that the colony was headed towards the colony

The brakes on the colossus had been sabotages, but the party was able to figure out how to make its arms move

Doing this they were able to grab onto ropes held by the colony’s airships and divert the colossus into the ocean and save the day



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