New World

20th Session
An Inconvenient Truth

The party made it through the library and made it to the spirit that summoned them

After battling through library automatons, the party discovered that Owl spirit was the one guiding them

Upon meeting Owl, the party was finally informed of the true threat

The essence of Ruin approaches the world and plans to wreak ruin

In the past, the Lemurians battled the entity of Odium, and they managed to win with the use of a powerful and intricate magic device

The device requires three activation points, one of which is located in Cortezza’s place of residence

19th Session
Date with the Devil

After arriving in this new portion of the New World, the players make friends with Dova the dragonborn

Dova gives them the lowdown on Cortezza and the City she is building

Part of the party disguises themselves as clockwork soldiers and head to the city of Halaiet

Using their disguises, the party is able to make it into the city without problems just in time to see Cortezza’s event

Her event is punishing “sinners” for their crimes, which consists of killing 4 tribals

After witnessing this, the party commits to rooting Cortezza out of power, and begin recon for that purpose

The party spends a week gathering intel within the city. The specifics should be in their notes

The party then heads south to look for the library that they were told about in their vision

Upon entering the remains of the library, they are told “Find my shrine and speak my name, or these automatons shall not stop”

18th Session
A City that Always Sleeps

The party went through a time skip

Everyone did their own “training montages”

Heinrick started a private town watch squad

Farandol spent time with the Grey Fangs and finding new faith in nature

Aevric spent time about town helping Heinrick and growing stronger through his nightmares

Omawnak spent time with his people, and teaching them the skills he had gained

During the time skip more ships arrived from the old world. The Stormlands specifically

The VIP’s from the Stormlands were Ulmas, Bacarra, Malgog, Falgoroth, and a bedraggled woman who was a prisoner of theirs

They were around for a little bit, then left as quickly as they arrived

Also during that time, the Gods disappeared with no warning, after the party was shown a vision and a call to action

Some time after that vision, the party goes with Heime to investigate the transportation hub and what it beyond it

After stepping through the only working portal, something goes wrong and it closes behind them

On the other side they find themselves in the skeleton of a city

In the city they encounter a group of clockwork soldiers, local tribals, and a Cheliax soldier

After helping the tribals defeat the clockwork soldiers and interrogate the soldier the party learns about Cortezza

Cortezza found this place, and set up a city of tribals with force from the clockwork army she commands

After pumping the soldier for info, the party lets the dragonborn kill him

17th Session
Murder on the Rockport Limited

After the party finished saving the colony, they got a heroes welcome

On the way back to town the book that allowed them to communicate with the Dark Blades agent gave one final message “You win” before crumbling to ash

The next day the body of one of the bar workers was found hung in her room

After coming back from their new base, the party identified the dead woman as the one who set them up to be ambushed months earlier

Upon inspecting the body the party discovered defensive wounds on her body

After that Thelonius hired the party to deal with an issue of his back in the old world

The party was teleported to Rockport in the old world to guard a package Thelonius had on the Rockport Limited

Aboard the train the party met Hudson the engineer, Jess the Beheader, Angus MacDonald Boy Detective, Grahm the Train guy, and Jenkins the attendant

During the voyage there was a murder, and the party worked with Angus to solve the mystery

Turns out Jenkins had killed Hudson and had done an elaborate ploy to rob the loot on the train

After foiling Jenkins’ plot, the party found Thelonius’ cargo, which turned out to be an unconscious woman in a coffin

The woman was covered in tattoos similar to Aevric’s

Once they arrived in Newport, the party handed things off to Angus and the authorities and went to Fantasy Costco

Heinrik made a trade with Garfield the Deals Warlock and traded his Locket of the Iron Solari signed in his blood for an Immovable Rod

16th Session
In the Shadow of the Colossus

Party headed to the area that the Dark Blades had their hideout

The party storms in, manages to kill goblins and kobolds in carved out rooms in the hill

Sturm sees them and retreats further into the base

The party continues on, fighting multiple more enemies and dealing with strange landscapes

Halfway through the fight the room shifts and begins moving

Turns out they were inside a stone colossus that had been set to heading towards the colony

The party continues to fight, eventually climbing up the colossus and confronting Sturm for the last time

After finishing the fight the party found out that the colony was headed towards the colony

The brakes on the colossus had been sabotages, but the party was able to figure out how to make its arms move

Doing this they were able to grab onto ropes held by the colony’s airships and divert the colossus into the ocean and save the day

15th Session
Homecoming Party

The party manages to safely leave the buried city

Upon exiting they get back in the airship and continue West

After a few more days they make it to the mountain in the center of the desert

They note that the mountain is both massive, and has a perpetual storm starting halfway up its height

After a brief inspection of the mountain, they headed back to the colony. The return trip was uneventful.

Once back in the colony the captain had them undergo a debrief, where they told him of everything except for their encounter with Ollidan

After this the captain tells the party of how they used divination magic to find the hideout of the Dark Blades.

The party got equipped for the fight and prepared to head out

14th session
Ruin Runners

After meeting Olidan, the party stepped back to take a short rest

During the short rest Olidan contacted them with a modified dream spell

In exchange for holding onto the book for him and returning it when he sees them again, the party can keep the charged dilithium crystal

In addition the dream spell let the party suffer the effects of a long rest

After that they began exploring the ruins again

Things of note that they found, a ghastly apparition that lamented over “cowards that abandoned them in their time of need” within a room that had religious iconography in it

Other mutated forms of animals, including dogs, snakes, emus and even a humanoid

In one part of the ruins they found a lab that was saturated with dark emotions, so much so that it attracted a shadow demon, which the party killed

In the end the party was able to clear out the ruins and gather some loot, like good murderhobos

13th Session
Under the sand. Down where it's deader

Party began to explore the underground city

discovered that the stairs leading to the surface were not natural stairs

The wall on the west of the city appeared to cause damage to the ancient city

the party discovered many clockwork soldier remains scattered throughout the city. The soldiers were destroyed in different manners in different parts of the city

In addition they found a larger clockwork soldier stuck in a repeating loop of punching and kicking

after avoiding the clockwork brawler, they encountered several beasts of a disfigured and beastial quality. Wolves and bats in particular for this encounter

eventually they happened upon a ziggurat that was still standing

inside the ziggurat they encountered several clockwork soldiers

after beating the soldiers they continued on to encounter Researcher battling a powerful monster

After noticing the party the monster lunged at them, and Researcher interposed, being bitten for a large part of his person

The party then noticed that Researcher was actually a robot. He gave them a dilithium crystal and a book and told them he would be in touch in the future. He also told them they would know him as Olidan

After this revelation, he told the party to run, and charged the monster and self-destructed, causing a collapse of the room

12th Session
A Whole New Team

After finishing dealing with the Harpies, the party got ready to hunker down for the blizzard

Right before the storm hit, Heinrick and Naivarra met up with the party. Things were tense for a minute, but then needing to survive brought everyone together

2 days after the storm started Kayle rejoined the rest of the party

Once the storm had abated the party decided to continue heading west

Before they depart, the party lets the Gnoll who they had captured go

Heading west the party encountered the final remaining harpy, but the dragon they released killed the harpy before anyone got hurt

In the west the party discovered a desert

In the desert they ran across a new people, the Aiel

The Aiel spoke an accented common, and were a very strange people

After that the party had a sit down with the Wise One Belinda of the Goshien Aiel tribe

Later the party found an abandoned hold in the desert, and while exploring were attacked by another tribe of Aiel. They managed to win, but it was a difficult battle

Once they finished off the threat, the party found a tunnel down, and came upon an underground city, which the party noticed was littered with destroyed clockwork soldiers, and many of the buildings were ruined.

11th Session
Rage against the dying of the dwarf

The party came upon more Lemurian Ruins in the mountains

Some distance away from the ruins Kayle consulted a magic item, them leaped from the Razorback, saying she would meet them up in 3 days

The party came upon the ruins and cautiously entered them, leaving the ship moored outside

Inside the ruins the party encountered a small group of gnolls who attacked them

After defeating the gnolls the party discovered that a young red dragon had turned a room of the ruins into its lair

The gnolls had barricaded the dragon in the room hoping to starve it out

The party decided to release the dragon, and it promptly ran away

The party then continued to explore the ruins, finding that it was an observatory. Discovering a massive telescope at the top, which was also lacking power

In addition they found another voice recording, the transcript is as follows:
“(The voice is strained. As if in pain or exertion. It is male, and deep)
Hah! Well it looks like we won. We won and I’m going to die from a climbing injury. Not that it matters I guess. The east is a land of fire, and the west has died and become desert…….Land without water! Damn. I should have said that.
(The speaker is wracked by coughs)
Maybe one day they’ll call it a Lemurian Victory. A battle of extinction, you kill your enemy but lose virtually everything in the process.
(A heavy sigh, and almost a full minute of silence)
If anyone finds this, my name is Robert Cavil. I have a wife in Halani. Her name is Maria Cavil. Let her know I loved her, and that my final moments were peaceful.
Owl’s wisdom guide you.”

Outside the party noticed that a blizzard was coming upon them, and that the Razorback had flown off, leaving a note to meet them after the storm had abated

After that they party intended to finish exploring the ruins and encountered a small group of harpies

During the harrowing battle, Fritz met a valiant end


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