New World

10th session
Prison Break

The party returned from their meeting with the Grey Fangs with a seed of Mohe

After returning the party got ready and set off in the Razorback airship to head to some Lemurian Ruins to the south.

Getting closer to the ruins the party members who were able to cast spells could feel that a magical ritual had started in their vicinity

After getting to the ruins the party found an area of rubble, which turned out to be the ruins of a prison

Guarding the ruins were several goblins, which the party managed to defeat in a difficult battle that nearly killed them

Inside the party went about clearing out the ruins, encountering several monstrosities while trying to find the source of the ritual

After clearing out the prison ruins, the party found a room at the bottom that was being used by Elric (the Dark Blades wizard) to perform this ritual

They ran in just as Elric had finished the ritual to summon an entity that he was unable to contain for whatever reason

The entity touched him and caused him to wither and die within moments before fading from existence itself

On Elrics remains the party found a journal with which Elric would correspond with someone else

After finishing with those ruins, the party headed west on the airship

Heading west they met up with Kayle, and continued on

On the way they discovered that the terrain of the New World did not line up with what their previous map of the New World stated

The mountain range was much further west than anticipated, and had a much more pronounced north-south run than anticipated

The land leading up to the mountain range was many rolling hills and verdant forests with blooming vegetation all around for many miles

Upon crossing the mountains, the party happened upon more Lemurian Ruins on a mountain peak

9th Session
It's a trap!

Party gathered up the remaining eggs from the laboratory on Grippli island

The remaining eggs hatch, producing one normal grippli, one SLIGHTLY more humanoid grippli, one giant tadpole, and one pile of goop in total

Aevric, Farandol, and Omawnak accept the title of Knight from King Seamoss in gratitude for dealing with the problems on Grippli island Got spiffy lily pad medals

After that the party gathers their loot and heads back to the colony

Upon returning to the colony, they deal with some personal matters, and are eventually approached by the cloaked woman who previously warned them of an impending ambush

She informed them of an outpost that members of the Dark Blades were using, and told the party they could find the Drow there

The party set out, and found a cave the Dark Blades had been using on the island to the south

At the island the party sneaks into the cave, and effortlessly kills some goblins that they find sleeping and drinking

Shortly after a better armed group of Dark Blades surprised them and tried to kill them

The party was able to defeat the ambushing force, and capture the drow Sturm

They then learned that the Dark Blades were hired by the Korvosan government to destabilize the colony so a takeover would be easier, and “more legal”

Furthermore they learned that an asshole of wizard is part of the group, who currently is studying ruins a week to the south.

The party brought Sturm back to the colony and turned him over to the Captain

After that they were asked to head north to Grey Fang territory to request diplomatic talks.
and following that accompany a flying ship on a scouting tour inland.-with a detour to the ruins to killthat fucking wizard-

The party set out, met the chief of the Grey Fangs who are Elves , Mohe who is a tree , and started the process of beginning trade negotiations

8th Session
Wet and Wild

The party split up the loot from the Lemurian transit center, then headed home, brought back some Lemurian swords and shields, and robot arms

Took 2 weeks of down time to relax and gather their strength (level up). Had dreams during this time

Accepted a request for aid from the Grippli and Lady Genesa

The Grippli had uncovered a tomb of the Sabriel family, and wanted the party to deal with the danger

The party dealt with it, during which Aevric got screamed at by a drowned spirit

After that they found a new route to more ruins on Grippli/Fritz island

These ruins turned out to house an aquarium with violent octopuses, and a room with clockwork soldiers meant for capture.

In addition they discovered a stone with a voice recording on it, and some eggs, one of which hatched a Grippli

7th Session
Fight against the clock

Party gathered the loot and body of Peregrine’s lineage

gave the body back to Peregrine in exchange for him testifying in the colony of what he saw

party brought Peregrine to town and had him meet with the Captain and give his testimony

Tensions ease in the colony. the factions are no longer at each other’s throats

the party informs Thelonius of the resources still on the crashed ship (Fortune Star)

Thelonius offers them 1000gp as a finders fee

he then tells them of some ruins in the forests to the north. He wants to know about it in exchange for allowing the party to keep everything they find in them

the party heads to the ruins. Omawnak had heard of the ruins and knew that no one had been able to open the doors

upon Aaveric touching the doors, they glowed blue with a quick flash of red and then openend.

as soon as the doors opened 3 clockwork soldiers attacked the party

after defeating the soldiers the party found a 3D map of the continent on a table

exploring the ruins they discovered that it was a teleportation hub, defeated more clockwork soldiers, clockwork spiders, and a damaged clockwork mage

They also found another empty dilithium crystal in the rubble of one of the rooms in the ruin

6th Session
Hunt the Truth

Party gathered the dead bodies of those that ambushed them

Spoke to Bane about how they were ambushed and about the bodies and stolen-looking equipment

Bane sent Jenkins to tell the captain

Next 3 days tension rise in town

Vahli, a widowed woman from Cheliax, becomes the voice of the Cheliax people calling for a stop to the violence and aggression.

Party finds out Jenkins accidentally spilled the beans about the ambush

Omar wants the party to go find proof that they were set up by someone other than Cheliax based on divinations

The party heads south

meets more Tines. Fight one group of Tines and speak to another. Learn about Woodcarver and Flenser

Peregrine (a Tine), tells them about people scavenging a shipwreck to the south a ways

Party goes to ship, kills undead on it, find a descendant of Peregrine, and find looted bodies of Cheliax Soldiers.

5th Session
Omawnak joins the fray

party left the Lemurian Spire with the chest piece, helmet, and sword of the guardian

burned Milek’s body, kept his ashes

set off to return to the colony

on the way encountered a group of black ravens who wanted to speak

black ravens wanted to know the fate of their tribe members in the spire

party informed the black ravens of their deaths, and told them the spire was dangerous

found out about peace between the ravens and the colony

welcomed Omawnak into their party in the spirit of friendship

returned home to find a wall built, as well as a town hall, the Fiery Grog Tavern, and Thelonius has begun his manor

found out about high tensions between Absalom and Cheliax in town due to some recent murders

met with Thelonius and informed him of their expedition, also telling him the Spire was very dangerous

also met with Heime to discuss the charged crystal. She informed them it was worth 4000 gold, and that she could make usable items from it. Thelonius offered them 1000 gold for it

Party was approached in the night by an agent of the colony to inform them that they were likely the targets of the next murder, as they had now made a name for themselves

they were attacked in the night by Cheliax soldiers

after killing them, they were able to investigate and find that one of the bodies was the orc they discovered in the Grippli caves, and that the Cheliax uniforms were very weather damaged

The session ended as Sergeant Bane was on his way to meet the party.

4th session
RIP Milek

party continued to explore the ruins

found Clickety Clacks the Grell

started fighting him but decided to call a truce

explored the rest of the ruins, found the upper floors converted solar power into energy to charge dilithium crystals

found the bottom floors used water wheels for the same purpose

fought and defeated a tribe of kuo-toa

on their way out decided to test their hands against a Lemurian Construct

The construct killed Milek, but the party was able to prevail.

Charged their dun dilithium crystal

Loaded Milek, some of the construct’s armor, a wooden Lemurian chair, and some treasure onto their kayak and started to head back

3rd Session
Exploring all of Milek

party returned the goods they got from the mutineers

were rewarded land parcels

met Thelonius on his yacht.

offered 10 gp/day to explore down the river for 2 weeks

party sets off with a kayak

run into some Tines

climbed the hillock

saw the main campsite for the Black Ravens

continued downriver to a lake

the lake has a sinkhole that leads into the underdark

the party found some Lemurian Ruins on the edge of the sinkhole

the party decided to explore the ruins

inside the ruins they found a tribe of Grimlocks, which they dispatched

they found a dun dilithium crystal, as well as some pipes of the sewers

2nd Session
Gettin' water

*completed the water spirits trial

sided with the grippli over the goblins

No-Name the drow and an unnamed human escaped

sealed off the mushrooms forever

grippli exploded the dungeon and met with the colony

players met with Evelyn, leader of the Church of Pelor

decided to help the colony retrieve supplies from a ship that was in mutiny

the colony added some soldiers from Cheliax to its number

players received half their payment for getting water for the colony

asked for parcels of land as payment for helping with the mutiny

1st session
Journey and Destination
  • departed old world
  • met members of the ship
  • omar greenbow, titans, sergeant bane, captain
  • renic seis died during the trip
  • storm killed half of expedition
  • saw zombies watching them
  • needed to get fresh water
  • was escorted by black ravens to water spirit shrine
  • water spirit began her “trial”
  • farandol did not participate
  • party started exploring dungeon
  • found water spirit shrine in the dungeon

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