Evelynn Efin

Head Priest of Pelor


Evelynn is the highest ranking church member of the Church of Pelor sent on the New World expedition. While the Church of Pelor is friendly with Absalom, it is hardly a secret that they have their own interests in this expedition.


A true believer in the Cause, Evelynn is a fanatic of Pelor. When she was younger, Evelynn walked a different path, a less noble path. After falling on hard times, her and her sister had turned to banditry. During this time Evelynn committed many crimes. Theft, arson, assault, murder. She would have continued on this path if not for her capture and conversion by a paladin of Pelor.

After seeing the light of salvation, Evelynn threw herself fully into her religion. While it took some time, she was able to ascend the ranks until she had her own church, and her own congregation.

Once the New World was discovered, Evelynn earned her place on the voyage with her fervency. She vows to bring the light of religion to any that are found on the other side of the ocean. Pelor’s light must shine in every corner of the world.

Evelynn Efin

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