Captain Reinhart

Captain of the expedition


Captain Reinhart is the highest ranking member of the Absalom Navy that is on the trip to the New World. A loyal and steadfast captain, Reinhart has complete authority while the expedition is at sea. Once they land in the New World, Reinhart plans to give up all authority to Eerov.

He is the Captain of the Absalom Navy Ship “Strong In Will”


Reinhart was born and raised in the city of Absalom. He grew up poor, and as a result signed on with a pirate crew when he was quite young. Reinhart spent many years as a pirate, for which he is deeply regretful. After a time the ship he was on was caught by the Absalom military. While most of the crew was killed, the captain of the ship that captured Reinhart was quite merciful. Any of the pirates who surrendered and joined the Absalom Navy would be given a pardon after a number of years. Reinhart was one who took this option.

Impressed with the training he received, and the kindness of his captors, Reinhart found that he began to feel a deep loyalty for those that reformed him. After serving his mandatory term, Reinhart remained a member of the Navy, now gaining full rights to advancement and pay. His advancement was meteoric once this occurred, and Reinhart had his own ship within a matter of years.

Now Reinhart has gained the honor of leading the Navy that is taking the expedition to the New World. While the political dealings of Absalom are complex, Reinhart is still someone with a good deal of political power in the expedition.

Captain Reinhart

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