New World

11th Session

Rage against the dying of the dwarf

The party came upon more Lemurian Ruins in the mountains

Some distance away from the ruins Kayle consulted a magic item, them leaped from the Razorback, saying she would meet them up in 3 days

The party came upon the ruins and cautiously entered them, leaving the ship moored outside

Inside the ruins the party encountered a small group of gnolls who attacked them

After defeating the gnolls the party discovered that a young red dragon had turned a room of the ruins into its lair

The gnolls had barricaded the dragon in the room hoping to starve it out

The party decided to release the dragon, and it promptly ran away

The party then continued to explore the ruins, finding that it was an observatory. Discovering a massive telescope at the top, which was also lacking power

In addition they found another voice recording, the transcript is as follows:
“(The voice is strained. As if in pain or exertion. It is male, and deep)
Hah! Well it looks like we won. We won and I’m going to die from a climbing injury. Not that it matters I guess. The east is a land of fire, and the west has died and become desert…….Land without water! Damn. I should have said that.
(The speaker is wracked by coughs)
Maybe one day they’ll call it a Lemurian Victory. A battle of extinction, you kill your enemy but lose virtually everything in the process.
(A heavy sigh, and almost a full minute of silence)
If anyone finds this, my name is Robert Cavil. I have a wife in Halani. Her name is Maria Cavil. Let her know I loved her, and that my final moments were peaceful.
Owl’s wisdom guide you.”

Outside the party noticed that a blizzard was coming upon them, and that the Razorback had flown off, leaving a note to meet them after the storm had abated

After that they party intended to finish exploring the ruins and encountered a small group of harpies

During the harrowing battle, Fritz met a valiant end



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