New World

19th Session

Date with the Devil

After arriving in this new portion of the New World, the players make friends with Dova the dragonborn

Dova gives them the lowdown on Cortezza and the City she is building

Part of the party disguises themselves as clockwork soldiers and head to the city of Halaiet

Using their disguises, the party is able to make it into the city without problems just in time to see Cortezza’s event

Her event is punishing “sinners” for their crimes, which consists of killing 4 tribals

After witnessing this, the party commits to rooting Cortezza out of power, and begin recon for that purpose

The party spends a week gathering intel within the city. The specifics should be in their notes

The party then heads south to look for the library that they were told about in their vision

Upon entering the remains of the library, they are told “Find my shrine and speak my name, or these automatons shall not stop”



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