New World

18th Session

A City that Always Sleeps

The party went through a time skip

Everyone did their own “training montages”

Heinrick started a private town watch squad

Farandol spent time with the Grey Fangs and finding new faith in nature

Aevric spent time about town helping Heinrick and growing stronger through his nightmares

Omawnak spent time with his people, and teaching them the skills he had gained

During the time skip more ships arrived from the old world. The Stormlands specifically

The VIP’s from the Stormlands were Ulmas, Bacarra, Malgog, Falgoroth, and a bedraggled woman who was a prisoner of theirs

They were around for a little bit, then left as quickly as they arrived

Also during that time, the Gods disappeared with no warning, after the party was shown a vision and a call to action

Some time after that vision, the party goes with Heime to investigate the transportation hub and what it beyond it

After stepping through the only working portal, something goes wrong and it closes behind them

On the other side they find themselves in the skeleton of a city

In the city they encounter a group of clockwork soldiers, local tribals, and a Cheliax soldier

After helping the tribals defeat the clockwork soldiers and interrogate the soldier the party learns about Cortezza

Cortezza found this place, and set up a city of tribals with force from the clockwork army she commands

After pumping the soldier for info, the party lets the dragonborn kill him



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