New World

14th session

Ruin Runners

After meeting Olidan, the party stepped back to take a short rest

During the short rest Olidan contacted them with a modified dream spell

In exchange for holding onto the book for him and returning it when he sees them again, the party can keep the charged dilithium crystal

In addition the dream spell let the party suffer the effects of a long rest

After that they began exploring the ruins again

Things of note that they found, a ghastly apparition that lamented over “cowards that abandoned them in their time of need” within a room that had religious iconography in it

Other mutated forms of animals, including dogs, snakes, emus and even a humanoid

In one part of the ruins they found a lab that was saturated with dark emotions, so much so that it attracted a shadow demon, which the party killed

In the end the party was able to clear out the ruins and gather some loot, like good murderhobos



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