New World

13th Session

Under the sand. Down where it's deader

Party began to explore the underground city

discovered that the stairs leading to the surface were not natural stairs

The wall on the west of the city appeared to cause damage to the ancient city

the party discovered many clockwork soldier remains scattered throughout the city. The soldiers were destroyed in different manners in different parts of the city

In addition they found a larger clockwork soldier stuck in a repeating loop of punching and kicking

after avoiding the clockwork brawler, they encountered several beasts of a disfigured and beastial quality. Wolves and bats in particular for this encounter

eventually they happened upon a ziggurat that was still standing

inside the ziggurat they encountered several clockwork soldiers

after beating the soldiers they continued on to encounter Researcher battling a powerful monster

After noticing the party the monster lunged at them, and Researcher interposed, being bitten for a large part of his person

The party then noticed that Researcher was actually a robot. He gave them a dilithium crystal and a book and told them he would be in touch in the future. He also told them they would know him as Olidan

After this revelation, he told the party to run, and charged the monster and self-destructed, causing a collapse of the room



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