New World

12th Session

A Whole New Team

After finishing dealing with the Harpies, the party got ready to hunker down for the blizzard

Right before the storm hit, Heinrick and Naivarra met up with the party. Things were tense for a minute, but then needing to survive brought everyone together

2 days after the storm started Kayle rejoined the rest of the party

Once the storm had abated the party decided to continue heading west

Before they depart, the party lets the Gnoll who they had captured go

Heading west the party encountered the final remaining harpy, but the dragon they released killed the harpy before anyone got hurt

In the west the party discovered a desert

In the desert they ran across a new people, the Aiel

The Aiel spoke an accented common, and were a very strange people

After that the party had a sit down with the Wise One Belinda of the Goshien Aiel tribe

Later the party found an abandoned hold in the desert, and while exploring were attacked by another tribe of Aiel. They managed to win, but it was a difficult battle

Once they finished off the threat, the party found a tunnel down, and came upon an underground city, which the party noticed was littered with destroyed clockwork soldiers, and many of the buildings were ruined.



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