The New World Awaits!

News of the discovery spreads like wildfire. Ambitious lords, zealous

high priests and enterprising merchants draw their plans fervently.
The docks of the cities blaze with activity, as ships are outfitted for
long journeys and word goes out at every village square and tavern
throughout the kingdom. The New World has been found and the rush
to claim and colonize it has begun!

A brave group of adventurers joins the first expedition to make landfall

in the New World. They will have to overcome unique challenges and
threats unheard of in the known world. Their greatest enemy is not an
evil adversary or corrupt king. It is the unknown. The unknown land
that stretches endlessly past the horizon: the unknown inhabitants
of the New World and most importantly the unknown decisions that
will ensure the safety and prosperity of the fledgling colony. There are
many possible futures for the adventurers and the colony but most
paths end in failure and death. The adventurers must choose wisely or
they will not survive the first winter.

New World

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